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Learn about what's happened at Second Profession Brewing in 2018

Grant prepares samples behind Second Profession's bar.
Grant prepares samples behind Second Profession's bar.
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It’s hard to believe that a year has almost passed at Second Profession Brewing, but with all the brewing, drinking, and repairing that goes on at this place, it’s been a busy ten months. There’s been a cycle of beers on our taps and a series of rebirths of our food menu, which shows us that there’s no proper manual to start a business. We also shook up the week, having trivia on Wednesdays and bingo on Sundays to have some fun as well. This year has been somewhat of an adventure, with something happening every day that we haven’t seen before.

Many months ago, our menu opened up with our Rye IPA, PDX Farmhouse Ale, and SPBTID Saison. We’ve had 21 brew days since October, each of them a unique experience. Some of our highlights were our collaborations: The Friends & Neighbors Guava Milkshake IPA with Laurelwood and HUB and then the We Vibin’ Brut IPA with Sasquatch Brewing (currently on tap!). Our core beers ended up being the Rye IPA, PDX Farmhouse Ale, and our New Normal Hazy IPA, and with distribution shifting into higher gear, expect to see them around town.

On the food side, we went for a Midwest and German blend of food for an approachable menu and classic pairing with beer. Our menu has been a challenge, but a very rewarding part of the business. We have expanded our menu and pared it down and expanded it again, but we stuck to our brats, our macs, our Reuben, and other comfort foods.  

The future is looking good at SPB. We currently have two Pinot Noir barrels and are looking to start our barrel aging program, with a high probability of Brett beers and other mixed culture beers. Our menu will soon add a burger and more chicken options, just in time for football season, where we will have Packer Game Parties. Go Pack Go!

Finally, we are celebrating our first year with an anniversary block party, blOktoberfest! We’ll be releasing new beers, have a special menu, our friends and other vendors, and bag toss in our parking lot. After almost a year, the learning curve for starting a business has been daunting but rewarding. We’re going to party like it’s 2018 at blOktoberfest, so stay tuned on our social media and blog for more updates!

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Charlie Goman
Charlie Goman Founder & Brewer Charlie Goman tells the story of how he started Second Profession Brewing by acknowledging that brewing is both his second profession as well as historically, brewing is the second oldest profession. Each village had a brewery and everyone in the community pitched in to participate in its success. Taking a note from this heritage, Charlie created Second Profession Brewing as a space to cultivate community and explore beer in a friendly environment. Make sure to say hello to Charlie the next time you stop by; he loves to talk shop.
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